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social unrest

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Feb. 14th, 2009 | 09:38 pm
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music: Big Bill Broonzey: Story of the Blues

     If we are to believe the likes of Know Nothing Party philosopher Rush Limbaugh, if we take seriously the panicked screeds of staff at NewsMax, or pay heed to the Newspeak re-writers of history at Faux News, then maybe it's valid to fear employee discontent in the office washroom.
     Personally, I don't believe any of their premises, but then I'm way far left of Obama and his centrist coalition.
     I have one of the original posters shown above. Found it in a flea market type shop in Greenwich Village a couple of decades ago. If you'd like to get your own copy of the Washroom full of Bolsheviks posters. Thought it was a hoot! Has kind of a Reefer Madness quality to it; pandering to a fear in a manner so absurd, the viewer is inclined to disbelieve. Even, ironically, used to promote the cause it is purported to revile.
     If you'd like to foment lefty fears with a poster such as the one above, Check out the Northland Poster Collective. The site promotes itself as "the mall of the rest of America." It's values are as described: "...feature the art of social justice, the tools of grassroots union organizing and labor activism, and the craft of union workers." They have quite a bit of other interesting posters, but not, I'm sad to say, they do not carry the poster below.

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