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Rondacker's Short Notes

31 December
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Vocation # 1: Patients’ Rights Advocate at a maximum security state-run psychiatric facility
Vocation # 2: Graphic Arts | Illustration | Design | Calligrapher | Essayist
Avocation/Interests: Historic Preservation & Community Planning.
I’m a father and a grandfather. I've never known what it's like not to be able to draw. Prefer life as uncomplicated as possible. I support and favor firearms ownership, hunting, fishing, trapping and what I think of as "modern aboriginal culture." We are but tenants here on Earth; as long as one person suffers without, while others live with immense personal wealth then injustice remains. Interested in learning to speak [and write] French. IQ Eligible for MENSA but not likely to join.

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Date Created:2004-06-21
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Mid 20th century working class American by birth. Decentralist yet global in orientation and thought. Progressive/leftist political orientation (yeah, I know it isn’t fashionable). I'm not much of a joiner, yet neither do I isolate myself. A quiet roughneck, I feel free to speak my mind. and oh – I’m gay, to boot!
Strengths: Stalwart, forebearing, thoughtful
Weaknesses: pack rat, tend to stretch things out.
Special Skills: good at mediating, landscape sketching, and at some things that can't be put on a g-rated site
Weapons: compound bows. Crafty thinking
website: Will Brady's Rondak.org

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